We believe in the people who work for us. 

We believe in the people we work for. 

And we believe in the power of design. 

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Are you accepting new clients and projects during the COVID-19 shutdown? 

Yes! We’re nimble and are maintaining the same rigor and meticulousness in our work from home.

Do you only make brand identities?

We build systems. That could include a message, magazine, book, product, package, program, website, experience, exhibition, or environment. We draft guidelines and a cheat sheet for every project as well as offer workshops to prepare staff and vendors for launch – or we’ll launch you ourselves, turning our studio into your bespoke production house.

How long does it take to build a brand identity?

Taking a brand through our complete four-step process depends on the complexity of the organization, and could take anywhere from twelve weeks to twelve months, or more.

What kind of research do you conduct?

We conduct qualitative research using primary and secondary sources. We start with extensive stakeholder interviews and observational studies. We also hit the books and comb the web to learn everything there is to know about our client, their industry, the competitive market, and analogous brands. 

Do you work with startups?

Yes. We’ve launched startup political campaigns, products, events, exhibitions, and publications–just to name a few.

Do you collaborate with other creatives?

Absolutely! We have a reliable team of specialists who have helped us bring our identity systems to life. This includes type designers, illustrators, web programmers, printers, sign manufacturers, photographers, and many more. If you want to collaborate with us, tell us about yourself and what you do best.

Do you only hire designers? Are you hiring now?

Our team benefits from the wide range of perspectives that designers, strategists, programmers, and project managers bring to the table. We enjoy meeting hard-working and talented people. Set up a meeting with us.

Do you take interns?

Occasionally. Find out if we’re looking for design or strategy interns this semester.

Do you teach?

Yes. Jennifer and Bobby have been faculty at the SVA MFA Design Program for more than a decade. Mike and Carina also teach in the program, introducing thesis students to the Champions process. Haley is on staff at Kean University.

Do you accept student studio visits?

Yes. Book a visit for your class in advance of your trip to NYC. 

Where are you located?

Our storefront office is in the East Village of Manhattan. We’ve been in this neighborhood for more than ten years. We love it here not only because of the great food, but also because of its history of creativity and rebellion.

Can I drop by for a visit?

We have a big dog. Please schedule visits in advance. Reach out to book an appointment.