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Ad Age
A drumbeat for the advertising industry.
We are Champions Design
A new name. Empowering change.
Memphis River Parks Partnership
Work June 2, 2019
The Ad Age rebrand is one of best brand identities of 2018 by BrandNew
Press Brand New January 1, 2019
Rice Design Alliance
Work November 17, 2018
Jennifer Kinon delivers keynote at Dutch Digital Day in Amsterdam
Event June 29, 2018
A Day in the Life of the Hillary Clinton Campaign Design Team
Press AIGA Eye on Design October 11, 2017
Rice Architecture
Work April 23, 2017
The Story Behind “I’m With Her”
Press Fast Company April 11, 2017
A collection of design work from the 2016 presidential campaign
Press Hillary for America April 6, 2017
Want to Design for Social Progress? Here’s how.
Press Fast Company March 31, 2017
HFA Design Team Reunites for Parsons Lecture Series
Event AIGA NY March 29, 2017