Carnegie Hall  Introducing Carnegie Hall+

Carnegie Hall+ is a premium subscription channel featuring the best musical content from around the world. Delivering on Carnegie Hall’s mission to bring the transformative power of music to the widest possible audience, Carnegie Hall+ brings extraordinary performances to your home on demand through the Apple TV app.

The identity for Carnegie Hall+ is made to stand out among other specialty streaming channels while reinforcing the Carnegie Hall brand. Motion adds a sense of playfulness and whimsy that draws the viewer in to engage with the extraordinary content. 

The corner of 57th & 7th is the inspiration for a melody that represents the Hall.

The sonic brand was developed by our partners at Antfood. The goal was to create a mnemonic that directly ties in with Carnegie Hall’s rich history while transcending classical music stereotypes and building anticipation for the content that follows.

Carnegie Hall’s location at the corner of 57 Street and 7th Avenue became the inspiration for a melody that represents the Hall with the scale degrees of 7, 5, and 7. 

A Premium On-Demand Subscription Channel Curated by Carnegie Hall

Photo credits: Dudamel: Marco Borrelli; Fleming: Decca / Andrew Eccles; Birgit: Zoë Dominic

Belcea Quartet Hadyn: Peter Adamik; Victims & Seducers: Stefan Schneider; Hansel and Gretel: Michael Poehn

Belcea Quartet Beethoven: Marco Borrelli; Salome: SF RuthWalz; Brendel

Magic Flute: Anja Koehler; Belcea Quartet Brahm’s: Heliox Films; Swan Lake: ORF / Milenko Badzic