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Ad Age
A drumbeat for the advertising industry.
Memphis River Parks Partnership
Six-miles. Five park districts.
We are Champions Design
A new name. Empowering change.
Happy New Year from Champions 2023
Essay February 9, 2023
New York Times Advertising
Work September 30, 2022
Happy New Year from Champions 2022
Essay January 3, 2022
Amazon Conflux 2020
Work March 31, 2021
Interscope Label of the Year
Work February 7, 2021
Thank Goodness It’s a New Year
Essay January 1, 2021
Studio Culture features Champions Design
Press Unit Editions December 15, 2020
One Yard
Work October 27, 2020
The Key to Surviving Now and in the Long Run
Essay June 17, 2020
We Rebranded Ourselves, Here’s Why
Essay May 8, 2020
Women in the World
Work March 30, 2020
10 Years of Holiday Cards
Essay January 2, 2020
The Ad Age rebrand is one of best brand identities of 2018 by BrandNew
Press Brand New January 1, 2019
Welcome to the new AdAge
Press September 24, 2017
The NBA updates its logo for the first time in 48 years.
Press July 7, 2017
The NBA D-League relaunches as the NBA G-League
Press NBA Communications February 14, 2017
Rebranding the USA
Work July 4, 2013