New York Times Advertising  For brands who want to make their mark on the world.

Brands turn to New York Times Advertising to make their mark on the world. Through unmatched creative expertise, purpose-driven marketing, and The New York Times platform, New York Times Advertising elevates brands through the world’s most premium ad experiences.

In an ever-shifting media landscape, advertising at The Times has evolved and experienced significant growth across an entirely new set of disciplines. To bring clarity and presence to their holistic offering, the department officially introduced itself as New York Times Advertising.

Champions collaborated closely with the in-house team to develop an identity system that unites the department, reflects the updated mission and ethos, and aligns with The Times brand overall. 

Paying homage to The Times’s legacy and brand equity, the wordmark pairs the existing Times logo with the department name set in Franklin Extrabold type. 

This heavy weight and all-caps style — a move so bold that it would never be used in a consumer-facing way — makes New York Times Advertising stand out within the B2B space, reinforcing its powerful reach and reputation. 

New York Times Advertising’s fundamental promise is to help brands make their mark. 

Taking inspiration from the department’s laser-focused audience targeting and responsive Flex Frames digital ad formats, the new identity system utilizes strategic logo crops that create impact and memorability at every scale.

Given The Times’s wide array of sub-brand colors and avatars, New York Times Advertising’s brand palette needed to both complement and differentiate. 

The system is based on a simple yet bold scheme. 

Black and white nod to The Times, while yellow emerges as a compelling and uplifting color the department can own.

A secondary palette introduces fresh, cooler tones of purple, pink, and green to further liven digital assets and executions.

Visionary storytellers at the forefront of innovation

As a business that thrives on innovation, New York Times Advertising’s new identity required deliberate flexibility within every application. 

To keep pace with its strategic, bold and groundbreaking work, a defined set of brand assets and frames can be assembled in a multitude of arrangements on an underlying grid. 

The resulting system reconciles New York Times Advertising’s immediate need for unity with its unceasing ambition for growth. 

Premium and high-touch, New York Times Advertising takes a tailor-made approach to each and every brand partner.

To signify the care, quality and commitment that goes into these relationships, Champions looked at The Times’s enduring nameplate— pulling the diamond in the bowl of the “T” to connect the department name to partner logo within lockups.