Expertise Lectures

Bobby Martin joins Eye100 Launch
Press Eye Magazine June 15, 2020
Jennifer Kinon joins a virtual roundtable discussion about designing during COVID.
Event Typographics June 18, 2020
Jennifer Kinon joins panel discussing designing during COVID-19
Event Typographics June 18, 2020
Join Jennifer and Bobby for Design Conversations in Atlanta
Event Museum of Design April 25, 2019
AIGA & TDC presents Type x Graphic Design
Event AIGA/TDC April 17, 2019
Dean Sean Brixey sits with Bobby Martin to chat about VCUarts 90th anniversary
Event AIGA April 5, 2019
We’re speaking at ToteCon, the first conference dedicated to the design of totes
Event UnderConsideration April 1, 2019
Design Incubation
Event September 22, 2018
Jennifer Kinon delivers keynote at Dutch Digital Day in Amsterdam
Event June 29, 2018
Dissection Interview
Press Dissection Interview June 6, 2018
Bobby Martin offers a unique perspective to the A-List Podcast
Press A-List Podcast May 16, 2018
Behind the scenes of the MTV VMAs at the inaugural First Round Conference
Event Under Consideration May 11, 2018