For Freedoms Congress Visionary Not Reactionary

For Freedoms is a nonpartisan collective, founded by artists Hank Willis Thomas and Eric Gottesman. In February 2020, it presented the inaugural For Freedoms Congress (FFCon), a convening of artists, academic and cultural institutions, and social justice organizations. 

Over the course of three days in Los Angeles, FFCon worked towards building a collective strategy for civic engagement ahead of the 2020 presidential election through a series of artist-led planning sessions, creative workshops, and public events.

We worked with For Freedoms to develop an identity that reflected the excitement and energy of this unique event. Our goal was to push things in a way that would bring viewers into a new experience and make them take a second look.

Our approach tapped into the subversive idea of revolution expressed through visual rotation. A codified typographic system allows us to communicate a readable message in one direction, while interspersing another message upside down, requiring the viewer to look again.