We set a high standard for ourselves and for our clients.

We challenge personal biases to form original ideas.

We empower our clients to empower others. 

Champions Design is a branding and design agency formerly known as OCD | The Original Champions of Design. For more than a decade, we have crafted meaningful brand strategy and visual identity systems for some of the world’s best brands. 


Research is all about killing assumptions. Before we design, 
we study you, your processes, and your people. Your industry and your culture. Your past and your future. Our research process inventories both the internal and the external. The known, the suspected, and the unexpected.


If research is about information, then strategy is about inspiration. Strategy finds a way to make opportunities a reality. Visual cues take shape as, together, we identify how your brand should make people feel, then connect the dots to business planning. Branding is not subjective; it is strategic.


We first explore, then we develop a range of graphic opportunities by testing them on a limited set of the key deliverables. Put simply, we make sure the system can’t be broken.


Finally, we support you through the launch of the system, message, magazine, book, product, package, program, website, experience, or environment. We draft guidelines and a cheat sheet for every project as well as offer workshops to prepare staff and vendors for launch – or we’ll launch you ourselves, turning our studio into your bespoke production house.